Dealing with child custody issues can be a stressful and emotional experience. In any separation or divorce, decisions about where your child will live, who will make important decisions, and how much time each parent will have to spend with the child are crucial. Unfortunately, many parents encounter common problems with child custody that require legal assistance to help achieve a favorable outcome. 

Communication Problems

One of the biggest problems in child custody cases is communication between the parents. Whether it’s an inability to co-parent or simply a lack of communication, this can lead to a lot of conflict. If you're having trouble communicating with your co-parent, a lawyer can help mediate and facilitate communication between the two parties.


If one parent wants to move out of state with the child, it can cause issues with custody and parenting time. In this situation, it is important to hire a lawyer who understands the jurisdiction laws around child custody. Your lawyer can help you negotiate a new custody arrangement or get the court to modify an existing custody order.

Substance Abuse

If one parent has a substance abuse problem, it can be a contentious issue when deciding the custody of the child. If you suspect that your co-parent has a drug or alcohol problem, you should hire a lawyer to help you gather evidence and present it to the court.

Financial Issues

Child support and financial responsibilities are some of the most contentious issues in any divorce or separation. If your co-parent is not meeting their financial obligations or if you're having trouble making ends meet, a lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and help you seek enforcement of a child support order.

Violations of Custody Orders

If your co-parent is not following the custody orders, such as refusing to let you see the child or ignoring your opinion on important decisions like schooling or medical care, it is necessary to hire a lawyer to help enforce the order. Your attorney can help you file a motion for contempt, which can result in penalties for failing to comply with the order.

In conclusion, dealing with child custody issues can be challenging and complex, but hiring a lawyer can help make the process easier and more effective. Whether you're dealing with communication problems, relocation, substance abuse, financial issues, or violations of custody orders, having a skilled attorney by your side can make all the difference in a favorable outcome.

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