It can be frightening to watch your child face criminal charges. Your biggest concern may be that they might get a lengthy jail sentence, which could ruin their future. Therefore, you may decide to contact a criminal defense attorney to defend your minor in court. The legal practitioner will use defense strategies to help prevent your teen from getting a harsh judgment if facing the following criminal charges:

Offenses That Can Lead to Criminal Charges for Minors

The law grants the state a right to take legal action against teenagers who engage in crime. These cases are usually tried in juvenile court, but there are instances where the prosecutor may request that it gets transferred to the adult criminal court. This includes instances where a teen is facing murder or attempted murder charges. A minor may also appear in adult court if facing armed robbery, sexual battery, aggravated battery, or assault charges.

The transfer of a criminal case from the juvenile court could indicate that your teen's offense is particularly serious. Therefore, you may consider enlisting the services of an attorney before the case commences. The professional will evaluate the charges and help you understand what to expect when the trial starts. Your lawyer will then prepare a defense and strategize on how to fight for your child's freedom when they represent them in court.

Criminal Trials for Minors

The laws regulating criminal trials for minors are in some ways similar to those involving adult suspects. This includes the right to be represented by an attorney. The law allows teens to have a legal advisor present at each stage of the criminal justice process. Therefore, you can take advantage of this by engaging the services of a legal advisor in the initial part of the legal process. This will help you get invaluable guidance to prevent you and your teen from making mistakes that can worsen the case. The lawyer will also be present during the police questioning to prevent your minor from providing incriminating information.

Judges typically prioritize rehabilitation over punishment when delivering judgment in criminal cases involving minors. Thus, it is likely that the court may order your minor to attend a court education program instead of serving jail time. However, there are instances where the judge can hand your teen a harsh judgment. This is why hiring a legal advisor to defend them is always advisable, even if the case seems easily manageable and straightforward.

Knowing what to expect and how the legal process works can be very helpful while your child fights criminal charges. Accordingly, you need to consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as the police arrest your juvenile for engaging in a crime.

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