Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your car accident, you'll want to contact a car accident lawyer to receive fair compensation for any lost wages or ongoing medical expenses. Your attorney aims to get an adequate settlement to restore your quality of life. Here are the crucial questions your lawyer will ask when negotiating a payment after your car accident:

1. Does the Offer Include All Current Medical Costs; Scans, Drugs, and Therapy?

The cost of medical treatment is likely to be one of your biggest expenses after an accident. Your lawyer must know exactly what you have spent and what your projected future costs are likely to be so they can get you as much money back as possible. Be sure to account for how much you have already paid out-of-pocket and whether insurance is paying for some of it.

2. Does the Offer Account for Future Medical Costs?

Sometimes the insurance will try to avoid future medical expenses and lost wages. However, you should be compensated fairly for any potential costs in addition to your current injuries. Your lawyer will consider how much compensation you may need down the road and ensure these interests are accounted for during settlement negotiations. Remember that every injury is different and that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to car accident settlements.

3. Will the Settlement Pay Associated Property Damages?

If you were involved in an accident that damaged property other than your vehicle, make sure that any settlement awarded pays for these damages. In most cases, if you were involved in an accident with one other car and did not cause it, your insurance company will only pay for damages to your vehicle. 

If there is damage to another car or objects like buildings or trees on private property, then your car accident lawyer negotiates to include enough money to fix or replace what was damaged.

4. Does the Offer Account for Your Reduced Ability to Earn?

Because your ability to earn is almost always diminished after an accident, a car accident lawyer will want to know whether or not you've been offered full and fair compensation that considers your reduced earning capacity. This is usually one of the most important factors in any claim settlement, if not the most important.

5. Does the Offer Include Non-Monetary Harm Like Pain and Suffering?

One important question is whether or not your offer also includes non-monetary harm like pain and suffering. Non-monetary damages are less quantifiable than monetary costs, making them more disputable. It's one of the reasons you need legal help to negotiate.

Adequate compensation for harm incurred from a car accident should be adequate to restore your quality of life as much as possible. It's the reason you require a skilled negotiator. Call a car accident lawyer to explore strategies to get as much compensation as possible.