A DUI conviction can have consequences ranging from a fine to imprisonment. The offender's license may also be suspended. As a licensed professional, the ability to grow your career will depend on a valid license. You should consult a DUI lawyer to protect yourself from the severe effects of DUIs on your career. Here are some ways DUI convictions affect licensed professionals.


The Federal Aviation Administration addresses DUI charges for pilots. They are required to send a notification letter indicating the type of violation and when they were convicted.

Failing to notify the FAA may result in the pilot's certificate revocation or suspension. While a single arrest will not affect the pilot's flying privileges, repeated offenses may lead to a loss of a pilot's flying license.

Medical Practitioners

Medical professionals like nurses and doctors also face disciplinary action for a DUI arrest. These cases are addressed by the state board. The Federation of State Medical Boards guides state medical boards but does not have any specific policy on how states should handle DUIs. Therefore, the action your state board will take against a DUI may be different from how other state boards handle a DUI conviction.

In a majority of the states in the U.S., you are required to report DUI convictions or face punishment. In many cases, a single DUI will not lead to disciplinary action. However, a doctor may be subjected to probation for multiple substance abuse and DUI issues. You may also be required to seek treatment for alcohol or substance abuse and receive counseling or substance abuse education.

Commercial Drivers

People with a commercial driving license and who operate trucks or other vehicles can be negatively impacted by DUIs. This is especially true if you have repeated convictions. 

Commercial drivers have a lower BAC threshold for DUI charges and stricter license suspension terms when compared to ordinary drivers. Inquire from your DUI lawyer about the BAC threshold for commercial drivers in your jurisdiction. In many cases, offenders could lose their license temporarily or permanently. This can affect your prospects of getting hired as a commercial driver. 

In Conclusion

Being charged with a DUI can have devastating effects on your career. The best way to reduce or expel the charges is to hire a seasoned DUI attorney. Make sure you don't respond to any interrogations or make any admissions in the absence of a DUI lawyer. Some possible defenses your lawyer may make include inaccurate blood tests and lack of probable cause.