A slip and fall injury can make the simplest tasks of daily life very difficult. If the injuries are severe enough, it could prevent you from working and providing for your family. If a slip and fall injury has made it difficult for you to get around and it was due to the property owner's negligence, you could potentially win a lawsuit to gain compensation.

Here are the reasons it's important to hire a slip and fall lawyer to help you with your case.

Establishing Fault in the Accident

Before you can win a slip and fall accident, you need to be able to prove the fault of the property owner. A lawyer can establish fault in the accident by investigating the incident and visiting the scene of the slip and fall.

A lawyer can determine whether or not you might have stepped on something laid across a stair, or if you stepped on a loose stair, or perhaps a parking lot was filled with potholes and cracks. If a parking lot isn't plowed properly and ice removed, this could also have caused the accident.

A lawyer can help to prove if there was a substance on the floor or if it was wet where you fell, or if the tiles were in need of replacement. They can investigate whether railings were loose or some other reason the fall occurred. A lawyer can get this information easier than the general public can,

Prove Loss of Income Due to Injury

The property owner will defend themselves and their property against any lawsuit against them, by saying your injuries were not caused in your fall. Your lawyer can help you prove that any serious injuries you suffered were indeed caused by the fall and therefore caused a loss of income.

Your lawyer will help you to document any lost wages, all medical expenses you needed to pay and might continue to pay. Your lawyer can also help you document non-economical losses such as any pain you suffered, emotional stress and the loss of time spent with family going to sporting events or other social events.

Get a Higher Settlement

In some cases, a property owner's lawyer might offer you a settlement to avoid going to court. This number most likely will be far below what you could obtain if you went to court. Some people might accept the settlement offered thinking they won't be able to receive a higher amount. This isn't necessarily true.

A slip and fall lawyer can potentially get you a higher settlement than you could get on your own if you accept a deal. The courts will look into all aspects of your injuries and what caused them and award a settlement that is fair to you.