After getting an injury on the job site that has made you unable to work for a while, you may have already sought out a lawyer and have filed a claim to seek compensation for your injuries. However, while you are waiting for your benefits, there are certain things you should avoid doing that could hurt your claim, such as the mistakes discussed below.

1.  Revealing Too Much to a Third-Party Administrator or Doctor

After you file your claim and have hired a lawyer, the company for which you work will set up an appointment for you to speak with a third-party administrator that is supposed to act as an unbiased mediator between you and your employer. Your company will also insist that you visit another doctor whom they have appointed to have a second opinion about your injuries.

When you go to visit either party, do not make the mistake of revealing too much information to either the administrator or the doctor. While they are presented as being impartial people, they do have the company's best interests in mind, not yours. Anything that you say that could be misconstrued may be used against you and put your claim at risk.

Before visiting either the third-party administrator or doctor, speak with your lawyer about how to proceed. While you are in the meetings, stick to the basic facts surrounding your injury, making sure that you do not deviate at all from the original statements.

2.  Missing Your Doctor and Therapy Appointments

If you were injured seriously enough to be out of work, you will be expected to go to your doctor appointments as well as any physical or occupational therapy sessions that they prescribe. Missing your appointments would be a major mistake for two reasons.

First, if you keep missing your appointments, you are showing that you are not as hurt as you claim to be. Your employer will jump all over this, insisting that you could have been working and deny your claim. Second, the notes from both of these types of appointments will strengthen your injury claim. 

Without knowing all of the intricate details of the laws surrounding workers compensation, you could easily make a mistake not listed above that could hurt your case. To prevent this scenario, make sure you speak with an attorney who deals with workers compensation law for guidance on how to proceed and act while awaiting your benefits.