While there are some accidents in which one party is 100 percent to blame, a lot of other accidents involve some degree of culpability from two or more parties. These two contrasting scenarios can be present during just about any type of accident. For example, during a slip-and-fall accident, the property owner could be fully to blame because of having a wet floor without advising you — but it's also possible that you weren't fully aware of your surroundings because you were texting while walking. Even if you know you were partially at fault for your accident, this isn't something that you want to broadcast, as it could affect the settlement that you get. Here are some people to whom you especially shouldn't admit any fault.

The Defendant

It's often the case that you'll speak to the defendant immediately after your accident. In a slip-and-fall scenario, the owner of the property will usually approach you to see how you're doing. Often, you'll discuss the accident with him or her, but this isn't a time to admit that your actions played a role in any way. For example, you don't want to make a statement such as, "I shouldn't have been texting while I was walking through your store."

The Witnesses

Accidents often have witnesses, so you may find yourself talking to one or more witnesses immediately after your accident. Witnesses can be valuable to your case. They can support your claim about what happened, which is ideal when the defendant's attorneys are painting a different picture. However, witnesses aren't necessarily on "your side" — they're simply relating what they saw and heard. If you tell a witness how you're partially at fault for the accident, this statement will likely come back to haunt you.

Your Insurance Company

Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that your insurance company is a true ally to you. It represents your interests to a degree, but if it has to pay for any of your medical care after you've sustained an injury, it will quickly look for ways to stop doing so. If you're talking to an insurance rep after an accident — likely a car accident, rather than a slip-and-fall accident — you definitely want to stop short of admitting any fault of any type. For more details on how to speak to people even in the days and weeks after an accident, consult your personal injury attorney.