DUI accidents are some of the most dangerous and expensive accidents that happen on the road. If a drunk driver seriously injures you in a car accident, speak to a DUI accident lawyer today. Although you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, you'll need to prove your claim for it. Here are two things an attorney needs now to help strengthen your accident case.

Detailed Documentation of Your Injuries

The injuries incurred from DUI accidents can devastate the lives of adults and children. Some injuries can be severe enough to cause uncontrollable internal bleeding, amputations, and even death. In order to show proof of your injuries, an attorney needs to obtain detailed and up-to-date documentation from a physician, chiropractor, and other specialists. 

Physicians and other specialists generally keep detailed electronic and paper records of their patients' care. Some physicians use medical transcription services to document their patients' conditions. Regardless of the method used to document your injuries, it can help strengthen your case or bid for compensation.

After you secure evidence of your injuries, obtain a copy of your police report.

Real Copy of Your Police Report

Police reports are some of the most critical pieces of evidence used in auto accidents today. However, they can be some of the most difficult to obtain. If you do obtain a copy of your report, you may not understand some of the "legal lingo" used to describe your accident or injuries. Not only can a DUI accident attorney obtain a copy of your police report quickly, they can decipher it for you.

Your police report should contain several things:

  1. The approximate or exact time of your accident.
  2. The names, contact numbers, and addresses of the people responsible for your accident.
  3. The condition law enforcement and medical personnel found you in when they arrived to your accident.

If your report lacks information that can help your case, an attorney can takes steps to find out why. 

Once an attorney obtains copies of your medical information and police report, they can build a case for you. A lawyer may try to speed up your case by settling with the drunk driver's attorney or insurance company. If all parties don't agree on a suitable settlement amount, an attorney may go ahead and sue the driver. 

Although you can't go back in time and stop your accident, you can take steps obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact a DUI accident attorney today to get started.