For most employees that work in an office setting, the most dangerous thing you have to worry about is a slip and fall on an icy day. There are some jobs that have a higher risk of potential injury, resulting in steep insurance premiums and more safety measures. Not following safety procedures could cause a major injury, or even the loss of someone's life. If you plan on taking any of these 4 jobs, be aware of the risks and what you should do if injured on the job.

Machine Operators

Workers in the recycling or mining industries work with very large machines that are capable of tearing off limbs if the operator isn't careful. Mistakes on the job site can result in amputation or death. Miners also deal with additional health risks that can affect the lungs.

Construction Workers

When working in commercial or residential construction, you run the risk of being in a very severe accident on the job site. An obvious concern is falling, which greatly increases in high-rise commercial construction. Glass cleaners, installers, and steelworkers all require safety harnesses to do their job in a safe manner.

Even though a job as basic as a high-rise window cleaner is not ranked by OSHA in the top 100 deadliest professions, when an accident happens, it is usually fatal. Of 88 documented incidents over 15 years, 62 of those accidents resulted in death.

Line Technicians

Any job where you are working high up in the air creates a risk of falling, which is why line technicians are often offered hazard pay as part of their job. The job also has the risk of working with high voltage power lines. Make the wrong mistake while up on the poll, and you could suffer from organ failure or brain damage.

Logging Workers

If you work in the timber industry, you are responsible for cutting down trees and delivering them to a sawmill, where they are eventually used to create wood products. A big danger is not only dealing with falling trees, but the machinery and power tools used to do the job. Chainsaws and large cables could easily cause permanent disability if workers are not careful.

No matter what your job is, you have a right to receive workers' compensation if you are injured on the job. Reach out to a lawyer that specializes in workers' compensation lawsuits to give you the best chance of winning. For more information, contact Lipman Law Firm PC or a similar organization.