If you are involved in a personal injury case, then it is understandable that you will be interested in each move your lawyer makes. It is good to understand the process so that you know what to expect. The knowledge will also help you prepare the necessary documents in advance. That being said, some of your lawyer's moves may seem strange to you, but they have merits all the same. Here are three things your lawyer may do.

Ask for Copies of Insurance Cards

Your attorney is likely to ask you for all copies of your relevant insurance cards. Examples include Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance and auto insurance cards. He or she needs these cards for various purposes. The primary reason for this is to furnish the other lawyers with the information during the discovery process. However, they also become handy when coverage disputes arise and your lawyer needs to prove that you are covered, as well as the extent of your coverage.

Send You a Copy of the Demand Letter

If you are using a lawyer to draft your demand letter, then he or she will not just write it and submit it to the liable party. Rather, he or she will make a draft and send it to you first. This should not baffle you because the lawyer needs you to review the letter. This is necessary for several reasons. For example, reading the first draft may help you to remember some details that you might have forgotten about the injury. It may also help to catch some factual errors that the lawyer may have made.

Pay Your Medical Bills

If you have not settled all your medical bills, then there is a chance that your lawyer will use the appropriate insurance to settle them. It might be that you forgot to make the payments or that you just assumed that the guilty party will pay for them. However, your lawyer knows that it is easier to settle the bills and ask for reimbursement later on if there is an overpayment than to negotiate with your doctors for a later payment. You shouldn't mess up your medical provider's cash flow while sorting out the issue of who is to pay.

Lawyers are open and honest with their clients. In fact, clients who are involved in their cases are easier to represent than those who keep their distance. If there is something you don't understand, then go ahead and ask your attorney about it. Contact a firm like Wolfley & Wolfley, P.S. for more information.